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Thinking forward in Utrecht!

7.3.13  |   Sabina Binzaru  |     On 21st and 22nd of February, a Dutch city called Utrecht became a place where the participants of Media4us project gathered. The conference named “Tuning in to Diversity, Thinking forward, reflected the project aims, activities and results completely. Here is how it went.

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There is so much space around me…

22.1.13  |   Sabina Binzaru  |     There are many opportunities around us. Learning a new language and geting to know a new culture is just one of them. The Japanese Centre in Brno offers such unsual opportunities to utilize and become real. Mr. Hirayama Koshi, the founder of the Japanese Centre in Brno, tells you how he used an opportunity to expand the space around him....

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Strengthening voices - strengthening ties

22.8.12  |   Sabina Binzaru  |     Young people with migrant background gathered in Southern Sweden with a common goal – they want to share their perspectives on the life in Europe. And they are ready to learn how to present them in a professional way.

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