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Czech media4us photo competition inspires

Indian dancers on the street, wedding rings with the names of the newly married couple, a small Japanese bridesmaid on a Czech-Japanese wedding, a father and a grandmother holding their babies proudly, children from different cultures playing together on the street. These were only some of the subjects that featured in the Czech media4us photo competition along the topic “Cocktail of cultures”.

Creativity and technical quality were the criteria to select the three winners who were announced on 22th June 2012. The first prize was awarded to the picture ‘Encounter of two worlds’ which is a black and white image and features the clown Enani with an unknown stranger. This photo was taken at the Festival of Street Theatre in Prague.

The second place was presented to a series of photos: ‘At the dam’, ‘A proud father’ and ‘Grandmother’. The three images feature children and adults of different ages and heritages. Finally, the third place was awarded to the photo ‘Bubbles’ which is an image of gathering and happiness shared by a group of kids from a range of origins.

The winners will be awarded at the beginning of September as part of an exhibition organised by Multicultural Center Prague (MKC Praha), which is leading the media4us project in the Czech Republic. All entries to the Czech competition can be viewed on the Czech media4us website.

The Czech competition is one of several photography contests held by the Media4us project.  In the UK, the ‘Cultural Mosaic’ photo competition is seeking photos showing the cultural diversity of the UK until the 1st August closing date. It is open to anybody 18 years old and above who lives in the UK. Further information can be found at

For those who need even more inspiration the Dutch media4us Facebook page is also displaying entries for the photo competition currently taking place in the Netherlands.

Once the results are in for each of the national media4us photo competitions, the best photos will compete against each other and the winner will have their photo published in the Metro newspapers in each of the participating countries across Europe.

Source: The New Londoners

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