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Migrants to have a voice

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People from all continents participated in a training/workshop on Friday March 30 to kick-start a project aiming to create a medium in which to raise migrants’ voice in an attempt to foster better relationship between migrants and Hungarians.

The current situation is being described as poor by some immigration experts and researchers who observed that there is low number of migrants inHungary. According to data made available during the training/workshop, 2.1% is said to be foreign citizens; while foreign born immigrants is put at 3.7%.

 The participants, who come from Africa,America, Asia,Canada, and Europe, are currently undergoing an intensive training designed to prepare them in the art of English journalism and other technicalities to make them function as community reporters.They are expected to develop an awareness of social integration with stories highlighting migrants’ lifestyle, especially their fear and challenges, which often miss in Hungarian media.

 Organized by the Foundation for Subjective Values under MEDIA4US, the website which will be launched on April 6 has been named PERSPECTIVE where commissioned community reporters are expected to post their stories. “The aims and objectives of the project,” declared Lorincz Marcell, Co-coordinator Foundation for Subjective Values, “is to raise the voice of immigrants so that Hungarians can see and know more about immigrants”.  Mr. Marcell added that he expected appointed community reporters to focus on the asylum seekers and refugees as well.


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